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Mother victim of parental alienation by manipulating narcissist

Yes, we have shared joy and sorrow with each other in the last 6 years. She was at our wedding, at the funeral of my mother, she was several times along with my sons. We went a few times on vacation, and for a year I brought her back and forth to school, on stage and sometimes to parties. Not that I had done less for her brother. But yeah, her brother was never so open, and you understand that something more like a son would live with his father, especially if he does not have relationships with girls.

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Just because you are not ready to date doesn’t mean you don’t want a relationship. Girl and boy can get lonely ‘you know? I hate when people say “no one is going to want to date you because you have a kid” because that is not true. These opinions and “facts” are based on my experiences when I was a single parent 7 years ago.

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