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Mother victim of parental alienation by manipulating narcissist

Yes, we have shared joy and sorrow with each other in the last 6 years. She was at our wedding, at the funeral of my mother, she was several times along with my sons. We went a few times on vacation, and for a year I brought her back and forth to school, on stage and sometimes to parties. Not that I had done less for her brother. But yeah, her brother was never so open, and you understand that something more like a son would live with his father, especially if he does not have relationships with girls.

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Our Daily Shortcut Program helps single parents break through the barriers

A significant part of the single parents thinks about it for a long time, to study again. And a lot of them are active online in social media. But they have no idea how they can earn money online, and don’t trust it because they don’t know what is out online. You want to know what the Daily shortcut Program can do for Single Parents?

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