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De Narcist in Actie met Ouder-Verstoting.

Hoe het ‘systeem’ er de oorzaak van is dat zij hun kinderen kwijtraken doordat ouder-verstoting niet wordt (h)erkend, laat staan dat er adequate hulpverlening is. Ouderverstoting of het oudervervreemding en het ouderverstotingssyndroom zijn echt niet nieuw, maar de kennis hierover bij hulpverleners en andere professionals schiet nog altijd ernstig tekort.

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The Narcissist in Action with Parental Alienation

If a child must sleep with a parent in the same bed or in one room is a good reason for reducing the contact with a parent as well as excessive alcohol use and pawing.
the vague accusation of a parent without a specific behavior points to the manipulations of a narcissist.
A narcissistic psychopath is of course much more than a person with bad behavior and is difficult to stop.
Unfortunately, few people (social workers, therapists, doctors, teachers, caregivers) have knowledge of the methods they use. After reading this article, you will want to know more about it.
Welcome to the world of parent-repudiation. How the ‘system’ is the cause of it that they lose their children because parental alienation is not  acknowledged, let alone that there is adequate assistance. Parental Alienation and parental alienation syndrome are not really new, but the knowledge about  PAS of social workers, psychiatrist and therapists still have a serious shortage .

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