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Paus Franciscus Ted Talk De Toekomst dat ben jij.

De paus sprak vanuit het Vaticaan op een Ted Talk in Vancouver ook over het belang van technologische vooruitgang en de kracht van tederheid bij het omgaan met anderen, iets waar hij dagelijks getuige van is.

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Time-less Training sessions to become Emotional and Financial free.

If you like what you hear and see in the daily show on personal growth emotionally and financially from David & William Wood that will be a sign you are ready to join our community.

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How to do a call with your online client for the first time?

The key is connecting deeply with people so you can truly listen, gather information so you can find out where they are in life,
learn about where they want to be, and help them take the next step to get there. Many people have a hard time getting an objective look at themselves and
are unable to see where they are at clearly, and they find it difficult to know what steps to take next to get to where they want to be.

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