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100 hours of Free Personal&Business Education for Single Mothers.

Personal growth and personal development will help you in communication and business education will help you to become more effective. And you never know what’s happening when you are free.

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2017 Brings a wave of Movement that Empowers Single Mothers

Fear. Slavery. Abuse. Control. Manipulation. is darkness. loving someone, serving them, and leading by example is light. Simply focusing all of your power and heart on love and
vision simply wipes darkness out–because the darkness flees on it’s own. That’s creating a wave of movement that empowers human beings and single mothers across the world.

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Our Daily Shortcut Program helps single parents break through the barriers

A significant part of the single parents thinks about it for a long time, to study again. And a lot of them are active online in social media. But they have no idea how they can earn money online, and don’t trust it because they don’t know what is out online. You want to know what the Daily shortcut Program can do for Single Parents?

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Single Parents Adding value with new entrepreneurship

Do you want to know from many first hands experiences of conversations with people in the field of online marketing coaching what you can achieve with TSAS? This article is my second review.

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How single parents are setting goals?

Goal setting is vital so you know what action to take to move yourself from where you are to where you want to be. With the Total Shortcut system, you can catapult your way up and satisfy your Big Why. If you have clarity on your outcome, purpose, your why, your goal you just have to put in action and get the feedback to adjust or repeat.

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Life Coaching : Hoe ga je om met Negatieve Vrienden?

Wees hopeloos optimistisch! De eenvoudigste manier om met negatieve mensen om te gaan is  te weigeren om volgens hun regels te spelen. In dit artikel vind je enkele suggesties hoe je kunt omgaan met negatieve vrienden. Het vergt ook persoonlijke groei om te slagen.

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