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Does the Lord use social media?

Much has been learned in the last century about how the Bible was written, and how it has evolved, and the patterns of writing in the various texts have been studied to see styles of different writers.
I can understand the ancient society more fully.
And second, I can read metaphorically, understanding that the stories may not to be literally or factually true, but they have metaphorical meaning and value beyond what the text says, and can be understood in the time and place they were written, and also in a larger way, our world today.

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2 René Girard Videos reveal secrets in the Bible

One of René Girard’s main concepts is mimetic desire, i.e. desire based on the imitation (or mimesis) of the desire of others.
Beyond instinctive needs and appetites, human desire is highly structured by mimetic interactions.
We desire and attach importance to certain aspects of our environment because those others whom we experience as meaningful to our lives attach importance to these aspects, and we tend to imitate them.

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Start blogging about Christian Faith and Compassion. part 1

If you introduce yourself like it is, it makes a connection already between you and your listener on a deep level.
If you don’t fake, you don’t have to hesitate.
If you are true about yourself, and come out of the comfort zone of hiding yourself behind a mask you will find your voice.
That is intense and clear enough to send out a strong vibration that attract a like-minded person.

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