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Hoe groot is uw geloof in nieuwe technologie?

Peter Thiel maakt gebruik van de antropologie van René Girard voor zijn geloof in de technologische toekomst. Geloof in digitale marketing als de alles oplosser is een illusie.

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11 Ways Churches Can Engage with Social Media

Yes, I converted 5 years ago to Christian faith, and I’m still converting everyday. This brought me to the new evangelization.
I was addicted for many years and was living a life of sin without a real purpose for many years.
On my eleven hour I found my great coach and mentor Jesus, bringing me home thanks to the love of my wife.

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7 tips Breakdown on method to achieve!

I know how much spreading awareness and knowledge mean to you and I am so proud you start to read this . People all over the world deserve freedom. FREEDOM! You and your family deserve freedom. But you can’t reach it without some simple managements tips. Using them will continue to uplift and transform the lives of others. Reading and thinking about applying the method to achieve your goals will plant a seed in your mind my friend. I did not understand it at the time, how BIG it would grow when I started to apply them! People don’t realize the 5 years of pain, struggle and failure it took for me to break through. I’m honored to have been there and to have witnessed it. And that’s why I can’t stop to tell it to you.

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