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How to stop gossip in your organization?

How to protect yourself and others from it is a vital skill to master. Gossip can kill reputations, relationships, and careers and because it’s so widespread none of us are immune. Here’s how to stop it in its tracts, whether it’s true or not, whether it’s about you or someone else, and how to and keep it from spreading . Find out what you can do to avoid being the subject of workplace gossip.

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The art and science of leadership for online entrepreneurs !

Even when you are an artist and you was diagnosed with add you will like to watch the leaderships video of David Wood. Because you become focused by slowing down your breath, by listening to the background music and the voice of David speeking from his heart. He is not the teacher that you have to force yourself to focus with will power, so that you have to stay out of daydreaming.

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What if your Total Shortcut Acceleration System would work to get golden results?

Do you want to know from many first hands experiences of conversations with people in the field of online marketing coaching what you can achieve with TSAS? This article is my first review.

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Do you love me when I’m honnest? part 3

Guess what? I did not change.
Maybe I did change for a day or a week. ( I’m the bold guy?)
But over the long term, what really happened is that I grew more frustrated with myself,
with life, with humans and even with dogs and cats. Just like Milan.
I became angry, bitter, sour. I even became chronicle ill.
Here is the deal.

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In a world full of pain and darkness there is light for us.

In a world full of pain can there be light in the darkness thanks to the good path of Christian spirituality and believing in yourself.
“Faith have been entrusting you to the water. When you swim, you do not hold the water, you can not even grasp it, because if you do, you will sink and drown. Instead, you need to relax, and float. ” – Alan Watts

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