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You can gave a list with people with a big ego, they want to be on your list just to “brag” that they are your friend, but they never open an email, and they don’t apply what you ask them to do. You can have a list with free loaders, they open but never engage because they are narcissists.
They download your stuff, just to collect. You can have a list with lazy and stupid people. You can have a list with people without any kind of self-confidence and people who need a therapist and clarify their head before they can do anything.
They are not only weird but they are crazy.
You can have a list with people who only want to take money and never build a team.
You can have a list with charismatic people but don’t do anything online.
You can have a list with people in it who try to put you down.
Spiders men or a black widow. Lol.

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Video marketing Strategy is one of the best proven strategies in online marketing.

20 years ago I installed a program in myself to run a marathon after 90 days, and it worked.
I installed that program with a hypnotic trance induction video I found on Youtube about reaching goals in sport. And I did the same to run my first 100 km in 10 hours. Will this self-hypnosis help to increase my communications skills on video? Learn more here.

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How to start a radical transformational coaching with video?

I always was scared in front of a camera. My speaking abilities weren’t as good as I want them. What could I do about it? After 47 years could I change it? There is a radical transformational method that I coach you for free, and the proof it works is me. Will you know me, will you like me and trust me in the next 90 days? Will they know you, like and trust you? I have the proof.

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A church with pedophilia and scandals!

Who confronted his family is with sexual abuse by a priest, who loses his enthusiasm to go to church. That as a householder decides not to go to church as a child you were abused, which is at least begrijpelijk.Maar there are also positive experience Diocese Brugge. Read more click on the link.


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