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De Benedictus Optie: de Kerk van Armen.

Een oosters-orthodoxe journalist nml Rod Dreher schreef enige tijd geleden over de ineenstorting van het christendom in het westen . Hij voorspelt en dringt aan op wat hij noemt de “Benedictus optie.”

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How to move Forward with Growing Consciousness?

To wake up to what is possible without losing sight of the simple and useful things that already exist.
To let your heart and mind brew powerful ideas, and your spirit drift to the top like foam.
To live your best life and thrive.

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You can be an Extraordinary Person if you start with Empower Network.

In practical and information-packed seminars, online business genius, reveals there greatest secrets on how to be an extraordinary person online.

In this highly entertaining and educational network, very rich people antidotes from their own life, along with a myriad of practical examples to assist you in successfully promote online your marketing products are any business you want to promote.

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